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Urban Gothic

Urban Gothic - Brian Keene "Shit happens."

That may be a wee bit of an understatement for the unfortunate group of friends who get trapped in a house filled to the brim with a brood of deformed cannibalistic penis pus dripping, leathery vagina human skin wearing giants and mutant midgets bearing knives, razor sharp teeth and a taste for human flesh. That will teach them to have their car break down in the hood.

As a Brian Keene homage to Edward Lee, I went into this one expecting pretty much what I got and honestly, I kind of liked it. It was bloody disgusting to start with and then it got bad. For a no-brainer, splatter, gross out fest drenched with blood and bodily fluids, this right here, boys and girls…is your huckleberry.

3 Nipple Ripping Skug Titty Twisters!!