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Pressure - Jeff Strand, Michael Prescott I was gifted a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review from the narrator Scott Thomas. I already know Scott is a fantastic narrator, so when I saw an opportunity to grab this audiobook from one of my favorite authors, it was an offer much too good to refuse.

This is an excellent psychological thriller from the demented mind of Jeff Strand. Please note that if you’re looking for the trademark Strand wit and humor, this ain’t it. There are glimpses of it here and there (and you’ll be thankful for the tiny reprieve too), but this one is just straight up brutal. Pressure is an apropos title for this one as the tension steadily builds until Jeff lets it all out and ratchets it up to eleven.

The narration really works for this one. Scott’s pacing, tone and cadence are always spot on. He is a perfect complement to Jeff’s story and really has a way of breathing life into his characterizations. I have listened to several of his audio works and have enjoyed them all.

Very well done on all fronts for Pressure and Highly Recommended!