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Highwayman - Craig  Saunders After the loss of his daughter and a horrible plane crash that left him shattered and on life support, Karl finds himself wandering in The Land Between Midnight. His wife Bethany, is home battling against her own conflicted feelings of despair and the days gone by that were full of hope and promise.

If they are to survive individually, they will need to find a way to search out and fight their own demons separately. Only then will they have a shot at redemption. Only then can Karl and Bethany get the justice (and revenge) they seek.

I am a big fan of Craig Saunders and the Highwayman is a good tale, but honestly, a wee fantasy-ey for me and I may have got confused a time or two in the Fog-World. It was still an entertaining read and written well, as I knew it would be from Saunders. 3+ Stars