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DarkFuse #5

DarkFuse #5 - Tim Curran, Renee  Miller, Jennifer Loring, Mike Thorn, T. G. Arsenault, D. S. Ullery, Jeremy  Thompson, Shane Staley As a subscriber to Darkfuse Magazine, I read all but one or two of these on-line prior to getting the collection. This was a very good mix of stories and a good introduction to some new-to-me authors. I think I may have dry heaved once or twice while reading these twisted tales. Thanks, Mike Thorn! (That was a compliment, btw.)

Darkfuse 5 is a worthy addition to the DF anthology series and I look forward to more from Darkfuse as always. With DF's help, slowly but surely, I am getting over my phobia of short stories even though they may be traumatizing me in the process. (That was another compliment, btw.)