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Woom: An extreme horror

Woom: An extreme horror - Matt Shaw, Duncan Ralston Wow. This one was really great. The story was crazy and original and the narrator absolutely nailed it. I didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to a review audio copy, but I am really glad I took on a chance on a new-to-me author. I will be looking up more of Mr. Ralstons work for sure.

Shyla is meeting a client in room 6 at the Lonely Motel for a little partay. Unfortunately, Angel the man who called the escort service has some history at the Lonely Motel. Bloody history.

Several mini stories form a patchwork tale that culminates in one messy f’d up finale. Solid 4.5 Stars and Highly Recommended!

*I received a complimentary review copy of this audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review. This was it.