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Siren of Depravity

Siren of Depravity - Gary Fry Siren of Depravity is a pretty good Lovecraftian tale of a man’s quest to uncover the dark beasties that lurk in his past. There are many and Harry must weed thru his childhood recollections to find out the true from the false. Some secrets are better left buried.

The first half of this one moves pretty slow and is dry in parts. It’s funny because it really picks up at the end and has plenty of action and horror nasties. I don’t mind slow burn reads, but this one was almost like night and day and read a bit like two different authors penned it as a collaboration rather than a single author work. Not necessarily a bad thing, but did throw me off a little. Overall, I thought it was a good tale that could have used a kick start in the beginning to engage the characters (and the reader) sooner.

*As a member of the DRG DarkFuse readers club, I received an advanced copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.