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Beyond the Gates of Toyland

Beyond the Gates of Toyland - Edward Lorn Let’s just get this out of the way, shall we. I loves me some Lornagraphic material. We are internet buddies and GR friends and Edward has always been super good to me personally with all of my special fan-boy requests and lame internet comments. One day I hope he comes out to Cali, so I can buy him a beer. I also just received my signed personalized paperback copy of War on Christmas and it is awesome! So now you know that E and I are friends…you can trust my reviews of his work or not.

Beyond the Gates of Toyland is the third and final installment of Edwards War on Christmas series that he has been putting out as freebies over the past couple years as a special treat for his fans. Since I am not a good rememberer, I had to go back and read the first two installments to get my brain up to speed. (I blame it on massive amounts of drugs in high school thru my early twenties. I had glaucoma, ok? Geez. Are mushrooms a cure for glaucoma? Probably not, but when you’re stuck staring at your face for 4 hours in the bathroom mirror, who cares about glaucoma?)

Whoops. Got a wee sidetracked. Anyhoo, I got caught up and rolled right into BtGoT. These bizarro Christmas tales are wackier than most of Edwards works, but who doesn’t want to read about Santa going on a rampage surrounded by a crazy cast of strange characters that include Pinocchio, Krampus and evil murderous Nutcrackers? There are even nods to the King and Cruelty in here. What more could you possibly ask for in a feel good, family friendly, holiday tale? Ok, kidding about the family friendly thing…but if you want to see Santa kicking some major ass, then this is your hollyberry!