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Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors
Adam Nevill
Exorcist Falls: Includes the novella Exorcist Road
Jonathan Janz

The Blackest Eyes: 2 Short Horror Stories

The Blackest Eyes: 2 Short Horror Stories - Adam Cesare Not a huge fan of short stories, but I am a fan of Adams and these are pretty good.

“The Blackest Eyes” – Dinner time for Rosie. 3.5 Stars

“Me, Debased” - Jewkakke! 4 Stars

There is also a sneak peek at Adams upcoming novel “The Con Season”. I dig that Adam mentioned this a head of time because I hate it when you don’t see it coming. I would be lying if I said I read the whole preview, but I did read the first several pages and I can already tell that I am all in for this one. Me want it and want it now!