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Dream Woods

Dream Woods - Patrick Lacey This ain’t no Walley World. The gears of these rides are oiled with human blood.

If your marriage is on the rocks and you feel like the family is falling apart, what could be better than taking a little road trip to your favorite amusement park as a kid. Sure, it was closed down years ago due to a series of brutal murders, but it has just reopened and I’m sure they cleaned up most of the body parts and gore by now. Maybe. Or maybe, it’s just reopening for round two.

There’s something about amusement parks that are inherently creepy. Could be the carnies, or run down rides, or clowns. Everybody knows clowns are scary as f*ck. Could also be the ratty ass mangy bear mascot named Sebastian. I would steer clear of amusement parks completely except for the fact that they have deep-fried chocolate covered pickles wrapped in bacon. Yummy.

This was a quick read and a fun ride, well written and quick moving. I enjoyed the building creepy factor as the truth about the park is revealed and long buried secrets come bubbling to the surface. I’m afraid it’s not all cotton candy and rainbows at Dream Woods. 3.5+ Stars