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The Sick House: An Occult Thriller (The Ulrich Files Book 1)

The Sick House: An Occult Thriller (The Ulrich Files Book 1) - Ambrose Ibsen Harlan Ulrich is a broken down, second tier private investigator who has seemingly lost the passion for his job. When he is approached by the nephew of a missing doctor he takes the case only because he is almost out of coffee beans. Ulrich loves his coffee. What he didn’t plan on, was taking a road trip to an abandoned infirmary called the Sick House in the ghost town of Moonville. It appears that he is going to have to do some serious investigating this time. Maybe even find his passion. That is if he can survive the secrets buried within the Sick House. Hope the coffee beans are worth it.

The audio for this one was extremely good. The only problem I had with it really was the English accent of the narrator. Not that should be an issue, but the story is based in Ohio. That’s right. Ohio. Crazy. The really interesting part about it is that I think it made the story even better. Jake Urry’s narration was spot on in cadence and tone, pacing and character. Very well done. Besides, everybody knows Ohio is a hotbed for old school English Private Investigators with a penchant for expensive coffee beans. Duh.

An entertaining and enjoyable detective tale with a supernatural spin and an English Ohioan. What’s not to like. I dug it.

I was provided an audio copy of this work by the narrator at no cost in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.