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BleakWarrior - Alistair Rennie BleakWarrior is searching for the truth of his condition. Of who and what he is. Why he exists. He lives only for that knowledge. That and to destroy any others of his kind he runs across in the process.

He is a Meta-Warrior. There are others. And they are coming for him. They seek not the truth, only death. Unfortunately for them, the death they seek may be their own.

Holy crap. This novel has the most fantastic assemblage of crazy cool characters that I have ran across in a novel in a long time. It is a non-stop festival of violence and depravity. Just the way I like it.

I was hesitant to dive into this one for some reason, but my GR friend Karl gave it a glowing review and convinced me to give it a shot. I am so glad that I did. Thanks, Karl! You were right, this isn’t your mother’s fantasy novel and more importantly, no wizards or dragons ;) My only peeve really was that it ended a bit abruptly and I wanted a bit more. I shall soothe myself by assuming this will not be the last we hear of BleakWarrior.

A smartly done, fantasy/horror tale with an ample supply of sex and violence. Niiice. I have not heard of Alistair Rennie before, but he is definitely high on my radar now. An easy 4.5 Stars rounded up to 5 because there were some truly great characterizations here and some of the most intriguing “kills” I’ve seen in a while.

“Fear can be overcome. Need cannot.”
“Because need needs.”
“But need stops needing when it’s satisfied.”
“Therein lies the madness,” said BleakWarrior.
“Because madness is a need that cannot be quenched.”