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Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes - Sarah Pinborough I unexpectedly received an ARC of this one in the mail. There are few things I like better than getting a surprise book. I have also been meaning to give Sarah a try and have heard nothing but good things about her work. The stars aligned, so I jumped right in.

Louise has a drunken kiss with a-man-from-the-bar.
Turns out he’s married.
And her new boss.
Double crap.
She’s also his wife’s new bestie.
This can’t end well.
“Life isn't a romcom.”
No shit.

Compulsively readable. Smartly written. Expertly woven. Slowly revealing plot lines that crash together and then get ripped apart again. The writing appeared effortless and smooth. Spot on dialog and great characterizations. Very well done all around. 4.5 Stars