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DarkFuse #4 (DarkFuse Anthology Series)

DarkFuse #4 (DarkFuse Anthology Series) - Keith Deininger, S.C. Hayden, E.G. Smith, Jon Gauthier, Robert Essig, Wilfred R. Robinson, Shane Staley The first 5 tales of this one were fairly elementary and each very short, adding up to only about 35% of the total length of the collection. Too bad too, because I think a few of them had greater potential and could have used some additional depth. Overall the first stories were only about 3 stars each with a few plusses and minuses in there somewhere.

The final story in the collection is Buried Soldiers by Keith Deininger which was released as a serial on the DarkFuse Magazine website. I am glad I got to read it here instead, because it is a good story but I never would have bitten off on the serial. Just not my bag. I can’t stand waiting to read the next installment week after week.

DarkFuse puts out some pretty damn good dark fiction. This collection is no exception and while not every story was entirely for me, I think that most people will enjoy the majority of the tales in this one. I’m not quite sure how to rate this one, but for now I am going 3.5 Stars and rounding down to 3 on GR and up to 4 on Amazon.