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Secret Faces

Secret Faces - Kealan Patrick Burke “…I figure if you’re here with me now, then clearly we share some common interests, not the least of which is an appreciation of blunt force fiction.” - KPB

Secret Faces is a very well done collection of shorts from one of the masters of dark fiction. Kealan seems to thrive in the short format and it is definitely on display here.

HOME - Callum Dover is having a “Once in a Lifetime” day.
STALLED – A bad time for the Hershey squirts.
THE END OF US – The world, despite its own ugliness is not built to support the ugly.
THE RED LIGHT IS BLINKING –Internet trolls all covered in Mountain Dew and Doritios. Aren’t they always?
MOTHER/NATURE – Trees gone wild. Take the seed and run.
I'M NOT THERE – Can you see me now? How about now?
MEMORY LANE – Wetting the whistle for the upcoming Cassandra Quinn novel. It’s wetted.
TERMINAL – I hate airline terminals. So does Adam, but he has more skin in the game than I do.
FORCED ENTRY – Eloise in the old folks home. Waiting for “them.”
THE QUIET – The punishment fits the crime.
THE ONE NIGHT OF THE YEAR – The yearly Halloween ritual with Rufus.
PIG – Let’s hop in a chat room.
HOARDER – The Art of selling cleaning products.

It has taken me a long time to develop an appreciation for stories in the shorter format (and I still do struggle on occasion), but I have to wonder sometimes why some authors make it so easy for me. KPB is definitely one of those. A solid 4.5 Stars and Highly Recommended.