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Squirm With Me

Squirm With Me - Andersen Prunty If you haven't listened to Prunty on audio, you are missing out. Pruntys dry wit and delivery works extremely well with his written word. Dude has serious skills.

Mason, a writer with a fisting mind and author of the mildly successful “Fuckless”, is grieving the burning loss of his girlfriend Virginia. Or the loss of his burning girlfriend Virginia, rather. Upon the arrival of his twin brother, Fat Doug, he miraculously musters up the courage to leave his apartment and go have a little fun.

Eating Starflower, twintuition, Dargonslayer the internet troll, kerfuffles, dick punches and death threats.

Shit. Should have stayed in the apartment.

*Not a spoiler. Just funny.* I was a middle-aged man. Balding. Years of smoking and stress had not been kind to my face and I certainly didn’t look any younger than I actually was. I again noticed how I was shaped like some kind of nebulous blob. Something that used to have a shape but was simultaneously expanding and melting. Fuck. The man tits. How could I have drunk so much I’d forgotten what I looked like without my clothes on? A fleshy marshmallow with saggy man tits. I slapped them and thought, Yeah, slap those gross man tits, you fucking loser.