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Riding the Centipede

Riding the Centipede - John Claude Smith Everybody is searching for something. Jane and Blake are searching for Marlon. Marlon is searching for the centipede. Rudolf is searching for satisfaction. None will find exactly what they are looking for, but they will all find what they have coming. That’s a better deal for some than others…and that may be the understatement of the century.

Very bleak in parts and well written throughout, this one is a crazy road trip across the dark frontiers of reality and the human (?) consciousness. John Claude Smith certainly knows how to weave a riveting and mind bending tale. I think he speaks the language of the insects. At least you would think so from some of the classic characters that he pens in this one. Just wait until you meet Ratman, you may never eat cottage cheese again.

4.5 Stars and Highly Recommended!

“Riding the Centipede” is supposed to be the ultimate experience for any living being. All living beings. Human. Insect. Animal. Alien. As well as those of other dimensions.