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The Damnation Game

The Damnation Game - David Brian This review is for the paperback edition which was kindly provided to me by the author in exchange for and honest review. This is it.

A pretty basic thriller that struggled with pacing at times and unfortunately was a little clichéd and bland for me. I was hoping for a more dastardly killer and bigger reveals. It ended up just ok.

Strangely enough the bonus story in the paperback version “Gloop!” was really good. While the first story was a bit elementary, the second showed much promise and was well thought out and realized in a short format. Well done.

*Please note that I purchased the e-book version of this one prior to receiving the paperback copy and it does not contain the bonus short story which is too bad because it is clearly the star of this one. 2 Stars for “The Damnation Game” and 3.5 Stars for “Gloop!”.