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The Nightly Disease

The Nightly Disease - Max Booth III Isaac may be the worst hotel night auditor ever. In between his sleep depraved hallucinations, owl obsessions and late night rooftop jerking, he is rude to his customers, in love with a mysterious homeless girl and is totally crappy at disposing of bodies. He makes pretty good pancakes though, so there’s that. Too bad they don’t seem to last very long in the stomach.

Not really a spoiler, just a meaningless rant that has basically nothing to do with the story: I read this one as an online serial over at DarkFuse Magazine and really enjoyed it. Serials are tough for me (I have said this more than once) and they are hard to review as well, because the reading is broken up into sections and spread out over many days. I much prefer to read as much as I want, when I want, without the restrictions of having to wait for the next installment to be released.

Yes, I could just wait for it to be released in full and read it that way, but I am not a good waiter. Well then you could just re-read it when it comes out, you say. Hahaha! You are funny. I am not re-reading anything. Have you seen my tbr? Fug. Rant done. Mic dropped. Me exiting.

A surreal and humorous trip into the world of the seedy hotel night auditor. A winner from Max Booth III. If the rest of his stuff is as good as this one, then I need to get to more of his work with a quickness. A solid 4 trippy owl stars.