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Bottom Feeders

Bottom Feeders - Adam Cesare, Cameron Pierce Em is a noodler. Well...not anymore. He just got himself fucking noodled by a humongous, killer mutant catfish. Now a fish skin wearing satanic cult is predicting the rising of The Mother and an Aquarian apocalypse on the Bayou. Worse than that, they are litterbugs. There is nothing worse than a Satan worshipping litterbug. Well…an ugly, hungry, pissed off river monster straight out of hell, is right up there.

This one started off really great. Fast paced, smooth story, lots of action. It went a little sideways for me at the end which was mildly disappointing, but not entirely unsatisfying; I just thought it didn’t fit the feel and tone of the rest of the story. I have read a lot of Cesare and liked it all, so it must have been Pierce. (haha!) Just kidding, Cameron.