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Corpse Rider

Corpse Rider - Tim Curran “So kind. So caring. What a fine mother you shall be.”

Christina does a good deed. While typically, I am a fan of trying to do good deeds, in this particular case it just didn’t work out for Christina because she just attached herself to something evil that wants to call her Mommy. Damn you, good deeds!

A creepy and uber descriptive ghost story that wastes very little time with fluff and just takes off and steamrolls you to the finish line.

Curran is an absolute master when it comes to gag inducing descriptive prose. The guy is amazing. This passage should be on a Hallmark card. Beware – may be a spoiler, maybe not, but if you haven’t read it yet…be warned. …was living corpse mulch, a writhing, hissing soup of carrion steaming with noisome gases and bubbling with hungry meatflies. She was an eruption of maggots and rivers of yellow pus and puddling black corpse drainage. Her flesh was like dozens of slithering jellyfish intertwining and gushing with putrescence and giving birth to thousands of wiggling graveworms with suckering mouths. And beneath that roiling, repellent decay, she glared out at them with a bulging meat-pink eyeball that was glistening and purple-veined like an unfertilized egg, her mouth a ragged and screaming toothless chasm. She crept. She oozed. She wriggled. F*ck, man. That is awesome. *barfs a little in the mouth*

So, yeah, Curran is a badass. Love his work. There was even stuff in here that I had to go and check out on the internet. Damn you, internet!

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Thanks, Tim. Some things you just cannot unsee. Now, you can’t either…

You’re welcome.