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After The Fog Clears

After The Fog Clears - Lee  Thompson After The Fog Clears by Lee Thompson is one crazy mofo of a tale with several intersecting plot lines that come crashing together, destroying everything and everybody in its wake.

I am a big Thompson fan and have been reading him for several years now. He is definitely on my “must read” author list and I look forward to and have enjoyed everything I have read from him. ATFC is no exception.

The only real problem I had was that there seemed to be three novels worth of dysfunction here and it got to be exhausting after a while. Raul’s random phone call rubbed me a bit wrong as well. Far too convenient and no way coincidental.

Let the carnage commence and the emotional rivers run red with blood. 3+ Stars

*As a member of the DarkFuse / NetGalley Readers Group, I received an advanced copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest review.