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GodBomb! - Kit Power *I received an audio copy of this work from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is it.

This was not my first audiobook by narrator Chris Barnes, having listened to the first two in the High Moor series. The dude definitely has some chops and is a hell of a narrator. I must admit though, it took a few minutes for his thick Scottish accent to settle with me on this one, but once it did, I couldn’t picture it any other way. Very well done.

As for the story itself, GodBomb! by Kit Power is an extremely engaging and well written, edge of your seat thriller that packs quite a punch. The characters are fleshed out extremely well and there is a palpable building sense of dread right up until the satisfying conclusion. A very good debut novel from an obviously up and coming author. I have a feeling I will be thinking about this one for a while. Highly Recommended!