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Sour Candy

Sour Candy - Kealan Patrick Burke Kealan Patrick Burke is on my top 10 author list and probably more like top 5. I have never read anything by him that was anything less than pretty damn great. Sour Candy is no exception.

Phil Pendleton's life is turned upside down after an incident in the candy isle at Walmart. All he wanted was some chocolate for his girlfriend to take it back to the apartment so they could eat it, watch movies and make sweet, sweet love all day. Is that too much to ask? To top it off, fucking Walmart didn’t even have the right chocolate. DAMN YOU, WALMART!! Now he’s got a gjok loving kid to take care of and some serious dental/mental issues.

KPB pens another stellar and creepy tale. Solid 5 stars! This is how short stories are supposed to be done. Highest recommendation! If you are not reading KPB then you are truly missing out.