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The Dark Servant

The Dark Servant - Matt Manochio Krampus is good ole St. Nicks cloven hoofed minion that is sent out to discipline bad little boys and girls that find themselves on the naughty list. Now he has been summoned to come to Hancock Township and reign down some holiday beatings on a few of the residents. That is if he can manage to round up the appropriate “naughties” and make them see the error of their ways before the Krampusnacht ends.

An entertaining creature feature torn from German folklore and plopped in the middle of present day small town America. A wee heavy on the “bullying” social commentary and the ending felt a bit rushed, but nonetheless an evenly paced and well written story.

I think Billy got off a little light in the readjustment department, imo. I was hoping to see more of a climatic ending, but suppose it is wide open for Krampus to return.

*I received and advance review copy of this release from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.