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Autumn in the Abyss

Autumn in the Abyss - John Claude Smith Mr. Liu lives in the shadows. His employers are responsible for keeping the balance amidst the chaos of the universe. When Mr. Liu comes calling you can bet that the universe is about to be adjusted. Adjusted…Hard.

While our friend does not show up in person in all of these stories, the suggestion of him and the Guardians he works for are most surely present. You can feel them lurking in the shadows of these stories. Dark and sinister shadows. Judging and violent.

What we end up with are 5 stories with interconnecting themes that John Claude Smith manages to weave together to create a deeply disturbing and original vision of a world on the precipice of the abyss. Separately, these tales are very good. But together, they are great. 4.5 Stars! Highly Recommended!