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The Haunted Country

The Haunted Country - Jason  White Sometimes, the worst thing about the zombie apocalypse is the living. Definitely true in this super dark tale from Jason White, as Charlie and his developmentally challenged little sister try and navigate the post-apocalyptic landscape without losing themselves in the process. Good luck with that.

There were a few continuity issues toward the end which distracted me a little bit, but other than that, this one flowed smooth. Zombie stories get stale for me sometimes, but Jason kept this one fresh enough to keep my attention and had me flipping pages late into the night. Well done. 3+ Stars.

*To be fair to Jason, I don’t often read synopsis before I start reading and mistakenly thought this was a ghost story (because I am a dumbass and just glanced at the title) and if I knew ahead of time it was a zombie read I may have gone in with a different set of eyes.