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Dead Sea

Dead Sea - Tim Curran Need some cash? A three week job. $15,000. Easy money. Until the freighter you are on sails thru the “Sargasso Graveyard” and is violently thrown into another dimension full of sea creatures that are starting to pick off the crew one by one. You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. Damn…should have stayed home.

Tim Curran is a master. I am continually amazed at Curran’s ability to weave his dark and lyrical prose into atmospheric tales of unrelenting terror. His descriptions are vivid and haunting. I swear while reading this you can “feel” the dense fog and smell the decay in the air. The tension is palpable with the small group of survivors of the Mara Corday as they try and stay alive and sane in a relentless sea of cosmic creatures and endless fog.

Curran delivers some of the most original and creepy characters in horror today. The Lydia Stoddard and the puppet-spider baby storyline absolutely blew me the away! Yet another Curran classic character that will stick with me for a long, long time. “The puppet-spider baby is crying. It cries out in the corridor, creeping on those long black legs. It is hungry.” F@cking Classic!

Dead Sea is a must read for all genuine horror fans! Solid 5 stars!