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Snowbound - Blake Crouch A very well done and thought out thriller from Mr. Crouch. The characters were fleshed out nicely and there was plenty of action and twists to keep this one going at a brisk pace until the very end.

I listened to this one on audio and the narrator, Jeffrey Kafer, really nailed it. I was never once thrown out of the story or confused about events playing out, as sometimes happens to me when I am listening to a read and get slightly distracted. An easy listening voice with spot on cadence and tone. I have listened to some of his work before on “The Holy Terror” by Wayne Allen Sallee, which I loved.

I like Blake Crouch. He knows how to write. He has a real sense of character and pacing that never fails to impress me. Dude is solid. He has really taken off in popularity since his Wayward Pines series and TV show. (Is it still on?) I have read several of his previous works and enjoyed every one of them. I still need to get to his Luther Kite series though, starting with “Desert Places” and I am really looking forward to it. My all- time favorite so far is “Draculas”, which was a mash up off authors including F. Paul Wilson, Jack Kilborn and Jeff Strand. Pure craziness. I dug it.

Major Spoiler (kindof) The palpable tension at the end was very well done. I pretty much thought Will was dead meat out at the woodpile and really enjoyed how the story line came full circle when he checked out the last clue. Well played, Mr. Crouch. Well played.

Overall, an extremely entertaining and satisfying tale. Highly recommended. I would also recommend checking out the audio version because it was excellent.