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Evil Unleashed

Evil Unleashed - Mick Ridgewell This was my first Ridgewell read and I enjoyed it. I didn’t know this was a sequel to Evil Never Dies. I kind of wish I would have read that one first, however, since I didn’t know it existed it was obviously not a necessity.

Evil Unleashed is a pretty solid, old school vampire tale. An evil that has been trapped in the small town of Kings Shore has been set free to exact revenge on the villagers whom had once exiled him. As the bodies start to pile up, Malachi’s blood lust continues to grow and will not be sedated until he and his evil minions wipe out the entire town.

No one is safe in this one from the evil that is running amok in Kings Shore and now it is up to Roland, a former newsman turned novelist, to look back into the history books to try and find a way to stop it. As a matter of fact, he just may have written the book himself.

I enjoyed this one from Mick Ridgewell. There was nothing earth shattering about the Malachi or crazy turns in the vampire mythos, but the characters were drawn well and the pacing was quick and drenched with the appropriate amounts of gore. A good effort and I look forward to reading more from this author. 3.5 Stars.

*I received and advance review copy of this release from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.