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The Pilo Family Circus

The Pilo Family Circus - Will Elliott I am not entirely sure how to review this one. The story idea was very unique and I thought many of the characterizations were quite excellent. It seemed to be flirting with brilliance, but...

*mild spoilers*

The first few chapters of this started off great and I thought I was in for a brutal and violent clown horror-fest. Then I got to know the clowns a little bit more and they somehow left me wanting a bit. There were definitely a few parts that were laugh out loud funny, but I just couldn’t tell if the clowns were suppose to be dangerous or doofus.

Gonko was by far my favorite clown and the rudest and crudest of the lot. He had some truly great dialog. Unfortunately, the main character(s) Jamie/JJ fell short for me. JJ for supposedly being such a “bad-ass” clown was really just a sniveling beatch throughout his time at the circus.

Overall, I am glad that I read it. 3+ Stars and a recommended read for originality and premise alone.

Note: The author bio and the story of how Pilo came to be written is a very amazing story in itself.