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The Bleeding Season

The Bleeding Season - Greg F Gifune The Bleeding Season is the story of Alan, Tommy, Rick, Donald and Bernard – Best buds since grade school. 20 years later they experience a horrible tragedy when Bernard takes his own life. Crushed by his death, the friends find out he has left a recorded message for them with clues to terrible things that he may have done and his dark and disturbed nature. The three friends quickly find out everything they thought they knew about Bernard was a lie. Nobody can believe it. Then, the bodies start to pile up.

Not a quick read for me, as Greg takes his time developing his characters and getting down the poignant aspects of the back-story, which only slightly distracted me from the pace. Greg is undisputedly a master of dark fiction and this one is surely a classic. Greg F Gifune is one of the best in the biz. Required reading for horror aficionados. Solid 4.5 Stars. Highly Recommended.