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The Pilo Traveling Show

The Pilo Traveling Show - Will Elliott "It ain't slapstick without blood. We'll use real glass."

Jamie forgot what his time at the Pilo Family Circus was like. Memories erased. Unfortunately for him, he is about to remember. He is about to go back and get reacquainted with the old gang.

Send in the clowns.

The boys are back in town and a major coup is about to take place. It will be Pilo against Pilo in this one and once again Jamie is right in the middle. The corn dogs and cotton candy are about to hit the fan in a big way.

I really liked this one. More than the first. The clowns weren’t nearly as whiney and all my old pals were back and bad as ever. Lots of laughs and whacky clown antics.

A lumberjack security squad, Emerald kissing booths, nourishing soul dust, flower pot baby Goshys and Kurt Pilo in a tie-dyed muumuu. Yep. The boys are definitely back in town. A Solid 4 Stars.