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Hell Hole

Hell Hole - Hunter Shea I received and advance review copy of this release from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Here it is.

Nat and Teta are tasked by President Teddy Roosevelt to find out what is going on in the town of Helca. Once a thriving copper and gold mine, it is now a ghost town and everyone who lived there or has tried to enter the town has disappeared. Is there gold in them there hills? Is someone trying to keep everyone out and keep the precious metals to themselves or is there something much more sinister going on?

When eerie events start to take place, Nat and Teta realize they may be a bit in over their heads. They are going to need some serious help to figure out this riddle. Enter a beautiful lady, a priest and a giant with special talents with the dead and this one goes to hell quickly. Literally, the gates of hell are open and it is going to take everything these five have to try and get it shut before it is too late.

I enjoyed this one from Hunter Shea. The writing was crisp and clean with engaging and well drawn out characters. The plot moved quickly and the story flowed well. There was a lot going on here and Hunter managed to keep it all in check, while never losing the pace. I look forward to more from Mr. Shea. 3.5+ Stars! Recommended.