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Neverland - Douglas Clegg "We all scream because we are alive."

A dark and disturbing coming of age story about two boys vacationing on Gull Island who stake claim to a hidden shack in the woods that they call Neverland. It’s not all playboys and He Man Woman Haters Club stuff here. It gets progressively bleaker and more sinister as each chapter passes. Hidden histories and secrets are revealed. Gods and demons are brought out into the light and the fate of Beaus family and the entire town hangs in the balance.

I really dug this one from Douglas Clegg. I wasn’t sure where it was headed for the first half of the novel and it really did read much like a standard coming of age tale. Then it got crazy. Shit hit the fan and the paced quickened to a fever pitch right up until the end. Very well done with superbly drawn characters. I definitely need to read me some more Clegg.