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Prince of Nightmares

Prince of Nightmares - John McNee The Ballador House Hotel has built itself quite a reputation for causing its guests terrible nightmares. Its history is stained by blood, oil, meat and misery. Now seekers of the morbid have turned it into a tourist hot spot. Get a room and get ready for the stay of a lifetime. One tip…stay away from the Residents. They feed on pain and suffering and are getting stronger every day. They want out. They want to play.

Victor Treversham found out that his recently deceased wife, Josephine, made a reservation for him at the infamous Ballador House only hours before her untimely demise. Regardless, of the nightmares he is sure to endure, he intends to stay at the hotel himself. Now he must navigate a grotesque cavalcade of ghosts and demons in order to try and sift thru what is reality and what is just a dream. Or are they one and the same?

This one had a cool “13 Ghosts” vibe to it. The relatively few characters had plenty of depth to them and the back story of the Ballador House was well thought out and realized. There was also an appropriate amount of violence and gore. A very well done tale of horror and suspense. 4.5 Stars and Highly Recommended.

P.S. Thanks, Bandit, for the heads up on this one! I would have missed this one of it weren’t for your excellent review!

*I received an advanced readers copy of this work from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.