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Shoggoth Butt Invasion

Shoggoth Butt Invasion - Jason Wayne Allen, Armani Rush, John Bruni “Hello, I'm Beatrixxx. That's with three Xs.”

I was looking for a quick, feel good holiday tale to read after Thanksgiving dinner and I thought what could be more (in)appropriate than Shoggoth Butt Invasion.

After giving birth to a Shoggoth that was camped out in Professor Billy’s ball sack and then cream-pied into Beatrixxx (with three X’s) she goes on a life or death mission to make Cthulhu bust a nut so he won’t wake up and destroy the planet. Beatrixxx is just the Misatonic University nymphomaniac to get the job done. If anybody can take on the load it’s Beatrixxx. And then some.

Surprisingly enough, I really enjoyed this demented little tale of kink and Cthulhu. It was well written and had me laughing out loud more than once. That’s right…Shoggoth Butt Invasion…I dug it. Hell, it had Herbert West, scat play and a Cthulhu booty call, what’s not to like.

Hmm, I wonder what I will read for Christmas? It’s gonna be tough to top this one. 3.5 Stars and recommended for anyone who thinks this is a great title for a novella, because it is.