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Wolf Hunt

Wolf Hunt - Jeff Strand Wolf Hunt is a blast. With classic Strand characters and dialog this one moves fast on a rollercoaster of chaos! A rocket ride thru bloodly body parts and mayhem.

George and Lou are hired for a simple transport job. At least until they find out that they will be driving a werewolf named Ivan across Florida. Easy cheesy! Ok, not so much…all hell breaks loose in this one and it’s a race to see if George and Lou can get the situation under control before Ivan runs amok and kills them both…or worse.

“Watch the potty mouth," said George. "My partner doesn't appreciate foul language around women."
"Yeah, well, your partner can go “fuck a duck-fucked pony from Fucksville.”

Classic Strand! Dude has some serious poetic skills!

Solid 4+ Stars! Highly Recommended!