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DarkFuse #2 (DarkFuse Anthology Series)

DarkFuse #2 (DarkFuse Anthology Series) - Group of Authors In Darkfuse Anthology #2 there was a mixed bag of 6 short stories. My favorites were the first and last stories – Nether Goole by Richard Farren Barber and The Eldritch Eye by Tim Curran. In between there was Imago and The Betting Man, both of which were pretty good short tales. Splotch of Red was another a good story, but ended a bit abruptly and Pink Denim was a little confusing and, although it was written well, may have been a bit off the mark for me.

Anthologies are always very hit or miss for me, but overall Darkfuse #2 is an enjoyable collection with several authors that I was previously unfamiliar with. 3.5 Stars