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Nausea - Ed Kurtz Get in, do the job, get out, get paid. Rinse and repeat.

Ed Kurtz pens a very good and well-paced mystery? thriller? Not sure how to qualify this one. There are several things going on with plenty of good twists and turns.

Nick is a hit man with and an identity crisis, not to mention a bad case of acid reflux. He needs to prove to himself that he is still human. When he runs into a mysterious women and a series of related hits, the ghosts of his past come rushing back to the present.

This was a strange one for me, but I quite enjoyed it nonetheless. I thought the character of Nick was very well done and while I did get a bit confused about the ¾ point, I recovered quickly and found the ending a perfect fit for the story. 3.5 Stars.

*As a member of the DarkFuse NetGalley Readers Group, I received an advanced copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest review.